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  • Laura Doughty

Home for the Holidays

The Grand Home was lovingly restored by Mel and Pat Doughty beginning in 1974. This grand Victorian home was truly a family affair. Every inch of beautiful oak wood was stripped and restored to it’s glorious detailed luster by not only the home owners, but the grandparents also put in a great deal of work helping the family bring this home back to what it was originally intended. With ceilings a minimum of 12 feet high, some areas well over 20 feet, you can imagine the scaffolding and care that was required.

During this renovation, the Doughty’s had two young girls who enjoyed almost every minute of it, except when their parents miscalculated a bit and decided to refinish the hall and parlor floors at the same time. Why a big deal? Well that meant that during the time the floors required to dry and cure, the girls had to be carried outside the front door of the house and around to the back door in order to get breakfast and then back again to get ready for school. Lessons learned for sure, but more important than that, memories that endure for a lifetime.

As life does, it moves on quickly and now the home has been made available for everyone to cherish and enjoy. Imagine waking up to a 12′ Christmas tree surrounded by gifts! The Grand Home is a place for creating memories that last a lifetime! Whether you're looking for a special place for the holidays or a wonderful place to have a company holiday event, The Grand Home is sure to deliver a memorable experience for all!

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